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      The development trend of electric tool industry to create greater efficiency

      Electric tools are the most widely used hardware tools of whole society, electric tool because of its light structure, easy to use, portable production high efficiency, low energy consumption, has been widely used in industry to the development of an indispensable tool in family life. With the economic globalization, the rapid development of electric power tools market. According to the introduction, in recent years, the electric tool industry presents rapid development state, in the domestic power tools market, sales volume of domestic electric tools have been accounted for 90% of the total sales volume, and various kinds of imported brand products accounted for only 10% of the market share. Foreign electric tool market, China's manufacturing scale constantly expanding, Chinese has become the world's major exports of electric tools in China and the global production base for electric tools, the development of the industry has great potential.

      China's high technology content, function demands strict industry with professional power tools in the European and American countries still have large latent market. At present, in the economic developed area industrial countries, such as Europe, Holland, Germany, Britain, France and other countries, North America area American, Canada, Asian countries such as Japan in the homework of electric vehicles are common, accounting for about 50% of total output to 70% the left and right, China's electric tool products in the home power tools products market in the countries and regions have a very large share, but China's manufacturing industry with the professional electric tool exports to the region are not. Industrial technical content of professional power tools, safety, electromagnetic compatibility requirements strictly, and have the delineation of the function, efficiency, reliability, durability, price is the same DIY several times, even more than 10 times, all kinds of professional power tools are famous brand in the world, such as the hammer, Bosch Black & Decker, Metabo, MAKITA electric drill, planer, woodworking tools, century saw etc..

      Analysis pointed out, China's electric tools export volume accounted for sales of the world's electric tool 85%, but the amount of exports accounted for only about 40% of total sales, the main reason is electric tools manufacturing industry in our country has not been in the international market to create their own brand, especially the industry with professional power tools, generally use the brand production (OEM), plus domestic enterprises market competition is not standardized, so that export prices getting lower and lower. For example, in 2001 exports of electric tools uniform price was $12.72, and the export of foreign-funded enterprises uniform price is $18.74 / Taiwan, imported electric tools an average price of 45.94 U.S. dollars / taiwan. So our country to improve the level of product technology, development of industrial power tools products, created from the international famous brand, will certainly to be able to expand the market, create greater economic benefits.

      The developing and underdeveloped countries is China's household (DIY) potential target market of electric tool. Electric tools in the economically underdeveloped, or third backward countries in the application of relatively small family. With the development of economy, the improvement of material and cultural level, gradually increasing household electric tools will. For example, the Asian region, China exported to Asian countries electric tool market share in the year of growth, in 2003 compared with 2002, a rise of 2.6 percentage. Therefore, domestic electric tools in developing countries and less developed countries is a huge potential market.

      According to the analysis, China's electric tool market is becoming more and more mature, brand awareness and brand effect will highlight. The next few years, the domestic electric tools share will be further improved, with the electric tool market demand continues to heat up, will promote enterprises in China the production and business operation to the positive direction, industry prospects can view.

      However, although electric tool industry in China to maintain rapid development, is also facing the following factors challenge:

      1, compared with the international market, a high level of technology and management level of electric tools production in China is low, single product. To compete in the international market bigger and stronger, the importance of expanding in the high-end market share, to further enhance the product competitiveness in the international market.

      2, the market access threshold electric tool industry in our country is low, the investment is small in independent innovation, product development, brand cultivation, with independent intellectual property rights of electric tools products in the international market awareness is not enough, international marketing network has not yet been effectively established. The ability of independent innovation and brand consciousness must be strengthened further.

      3, foreign trade export is facing a severe situation, steel (including steel), copper (enameled wire, copper products), aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, such as engineering plastics production of electric tools are the main raw materials, prices high, the electric tool production costs continue to rise, directly affect the product export benefit. With the application of industrial ceramics, high performance soft magnet, plastic new material on a new product, is expected in the future low carbon environmental protection and new materials application will be more and more.

      4、The appreciation of RMB 4,, have a certain impact on exports of electric tools, electric tools industry in China to make new achievements of foreign trade export, and there are many difficulties to be overcome.

      5, China's exports of electric tools power status is increasingly challenges from developing countries, technology and management level of developing countries has improved to a great extent, labor and raw materials and low cost, has brought great pressure of competition to the electric tool industry in our country, the international competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

      6, the international market is critical to the quality and brand electric tools, both electric tool dealers, or the majority of users directly, have attached great importance to the quality and brand electric tools. Therefore, good quality, good brand market

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