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      Electric tool operation notice

      Hardware electric tools is the modern industry is often used in the product, the general with electricity as the driving force, but in the use process need to pay attention to some matters, operators need to pay attention to what matters in the use of electric tools in the process?

      Electric tool operation notice:

      1, the tool before use, should be professional electrician check the wiring is correct, prevent the zero line and phase misconnection caused the accident.

      2, the long-term unused or damp tool before use, should conform to the requirements of electrical measuring insulation resistance.

      3, the tool comes with a flexible cable or cord shall not take long, when the power supply and the workplace when the distance is far, the mobile switch box.

      4, the tool the original plug shall not be removed or replaced, when the plug is damaged, is strictly prohibited without the plug directly into the wire wire into the socket.

      5, found the tool housing, a handle rupture, should stop using, replacement.

      6, non professional personnel are not allowed to disassemble and repair tool.

      7, in the rotating parts should be protective device holding tool.

      8, operation personnel shall wear insulating protective equipment (insulated shoes, gloves etc.).

      9, the power supply, must be equipped with leakage protector.

      10, overloading is strictly forbidden to use, pay attention to the noise and temperature, abnormal should immediately stop check.
      In a word, in order to operation safety, Xiaobian recommended you electric tool operator must be strictly in accordance with the operating rules and matters needing attention to operating power tools, to ensure safe operation.


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