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      Power tools sales drive the bearing industry showed a rising trend

      Electric tools are Yongkang eight pillar industries, in recent years, influenced by the international economic situation is grim, the electric tool industry domestic and foreign sales were affected, but after a positive self-help enterprises and merchants and independent innovation, the gradual recovery of the industry, has been booming, which led to the rapid development of bearing industry.

      Chinese Technology Hardware City as the country's largest trading market hardware products specialized, bearing sales of the year accounted for the overall market share of sales is not small. It is understood, although bearing for a small accessories in the mainframe, but it has such as electric tools can play a decisive role in heart. The host product performance, quality of bearings is very important a space for one person. Therefore, with the improvement of product quality, demand for products bearing the brand more obvious. Because there are more explicit request the majority of users of the bearing reliability, stability, and enhance the host industry enterprise management concept and development idea, pay attention to cultivate their own brand, brand, so the market demand tends to be more excellent brand and excellent bearing bearing enterprises.

      With the development of the market, and user requirements for products bearing the accuracy, performance, service life and the species diversity is high, is not satisfied with the general bearing requirements, to high precision, low noise, long life products demand. "Although the increase in development of bearing industry, but compared with the world bearing industrial power, there is still a big gap between the industry, its main performance for the high precision, high technological content and high added value products bearing the low proportion of. Reflected in the market, is our high quality bearing needs to rely on imports to meet." Golden City field bearing distributors Mr. Li talked about the lack of bearing industry says.

      Now, many bearing enterprises through a series of independent innovation, make the bearing industry technical level and reliability, stability has been improved to a certain extent, but also in the sales process in the future, an important supporting the market will remain in control of these enterprises in the hands; actively stimulating domestic demand in foreign trade slowed down under the action of electric tools, part of the bearing market will turn to domestic enterprises, import bearings will decline.

      This can be said is the development opportunity and pressure bearing industry coexist year. Throughout the domestic market, increase the uncertainty of last year's economic operation, brings new challenges for the bearing industry, it also brings new opportunities. Chinese will continue to increase spending on infrastructure, steel, automobile, home appliances and other bearing related industry also faces the new opportunity of development, at the same time, with the improvement of living standards, the development of automobile industry has also led to the development of automobile bearing. Future demand for bearings will be steady growth situation, bearing industry will usher in a period of sustained development. Hardware city numerous bearing distributors to seize the current opportunity, strong radiation force based on the hardware city this platform, to more complete varieties, more the quality of pass a barrier, the more the price advantage to seize the domestic and foreign markets, to further improve the quality of bearing market share.

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