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      Our hardware electric tool industry is developing rapidly

      Foreign trade market has persecuted recession, many hardware electric tools production enterprises and dealers to begin the conversion strategy, pioneering and innovation began to focus on the domestic hardware electric tool market, and some itself by the domestic sales of dominant power tools enterprises and businesses, is to play their own advantages, and actively in the upgrading work harder, development is also very rapid.

      The domestic market capacity is less than the international market as big, but demand is still not small, and most of professional power tools, sales price is higher, so the economic benefit is good, as long as attention to product quality, and constantly consolidate and expand market share, is equally promising, also can exist and develop. Because the domestic electric tools market more picky about the quality and brand electric tools, regardless of is the electric tool dealers, or direct users, have attached great importance to the quality and brand electric tools. Therefore, the inclination of the market to increase quality, good brand electric tools. As long as the enterprise, the market vendors with good market, electric tools, no worries about not sell.

      Domestic user quality requirements of electric tools is more and more high, especially pay much attention to the product efficiency, weight, life index. In the construction industry as an example, the quality problems of domestic electric tools are mainly reflected as: Hammer easily fever, continuous working time is short, small impact force, vibration hammer, the operator should be forced to drill deep, easy to wear, easy to break.

      In order to develop domestic and international market, more and more electric tool manufacturers and dealers pay more attention to scientific and technological innovation, quality win, to consolidate and expand the market of new products. Therefore, brand awareness and brand power tools market is more obvious, many have the strength and the size of the electric tool dealers, the distribution of good brand electric tools exhibit very high enthusiasm.

      Electric tool market matures. After cultivation in recent years, Yongkang electric tool industry has formed a lot of own brand and own brand, especially a number of well-known brands such as electric tools, broad, Lunda, three front, prosperous and strong, has a leading position in our province and even in China's electric tool industry in. Can be expected, these brands in the normative and orderly competition environment will be more healthy and more rapid growth.

      But as producers continued emphasis on corporate brand building, increase investment of science and technology, the development of new products, electric tools industry achieved from a single small electric tools products to diversified, large-scale, modern, large-scale, novel electric tools series products development, quickly occupied the commanding height of the market

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